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On Location Motorhomes understands your Production needs. We provide clean, well-equipped vehicles, flexible floor plans, on time service and professional drivers who are there to lend a hand. Our vehicles and staff are flexible to the ever-changing needs of the production industry.

With our detachable restrooms, you will have the ability to locate them where they are needed the most. See our Floor Plans for specifics.

Please bear with us and check back soon as our site progresses over time. For now, Please take a look at our current Vehicles to be at your service.


Click to View The 41PT Floorplan.

41’ Production Trailer (41PT)

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Click to View The 40PT Floorplan.

40’ Production Trailer (40PT)

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Click to View The 385RM Floorplan.

38’ 5 Room Motorhome (385RM) 


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about The 385RM.